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About Us

Open Door Ministries was established in April 2018 with a desire to minister to churches that are without pastoral leadership. We do this by providing stability and direction throughout the search process. Using a networking system, we assist each church in finding a pastor that is Biblically qualified as well as a good fit for their church and community. While we are assisting the church in their search, we are also taking steps to encourage the congregation to prepare both spiritually and practically for their next pastor. Generally we are with a church in person up to three months and while there we are also assisting several others remotely.


Transitional Ministries

For churches that are without a pastor we provide pulpit supply, organizational helps, and help the church through the pastoral search process.  Our goal is to assist each church in calling a pastor that is Biblically qualified and a right fit for their church and community.


Missionary to the Local Church

In between assisting churches through transitions, we are available to help pastors for a short time by aiding them with a variety of things including:  medical/personal sabbaticals, discipleship classes, training workers, pulpit supply, hands on projects, and more! 


Consultations/Special Meetings

OPEN DOOR Ministries consults with pastors and search committees, sharing fresh ministry ideas that could be implemented in their church. We do not claim to have all the answers, but we know the One who does!

Another way we are available to help churches is through missions conferences, revival meetings, and special services.


Hands-On Ministry

Many times a visitor's first impression of a church will determine whether or not they will make a second visit.  A church that is poorly maintained or in disrepair often leaves members feeling discouraged and visitors uneasy. While hands-on projects are not our main focus, we feel they are important and we are equipped to help with projects (including minor building repairs and property maintenance) that will provide a welcoming environment and boost the overall morale of the congregation.

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