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Open Door Ministries

Open Door Ministries was established in April 2018 with a desire to minister to churches that are without pastoral leadership. Using a networking system, we assist each church in finding a pastor that is Biblically qualified as well as a good fit for their church and community. We are not a large operation, just a husband and wife who desire to serve the Lord and help churches. To date, we praise the Lord that we have successfully assisted 72 churches in calling pastors!

How We Are Equipped To Help:


Open Door Ministries provides individualized care for each church that we are working with. During an initial call we discuss the needs of the church, what they are looking for in a pastor, and how we can be a help to them throughout the process.

Placement Ads

After an initial consultation, where we gather information about a church and its needs, we offer to write a placement ad and can post those ads on several online locations including the Open Door Ministries website and Facebook pages. Because we provide a more personalized approach, the ads that we have posted are always current. 

Conference Calls

Throughout the search process we offer to join pulpit committees through conference calls to answer any questions they may have about the process or candidates that they are reviewing. We do not assert any authority in the local church, we simply want to be a help to them as they navigate the process. 

Pulpit Supply

Open Door Ministries helps connect churches with men who provide pulpit supply in their region. 

Networking & Connecting Churches with Pastors

Through the years Open Door Ministries has formed many contacts throughout the United States which allows us to help make the needs of each church known on a larger scale. Our ministry acts as a bridge, bringing a pastor who is seeking a church together with a church that is seeking a pastor

Individualized Care & Counseling

Throughout the search process we offer counseling to pastors and to churches. We regularly check in with churches to see how things are going and to see if they have any needs that we can help them with. A very important part of our ministry is to PRAY for these churches that God will send along His man in His timing! We also recruit other prayer warriors to pray for churches that are in transition. 

For more information about Open Door Ministries and how we can be a help to you, contact us at:


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