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About Our Family

Mike and Heather Gross met and were married at Grace Bible Baptist Church in 1997.  They have served together in various ministries for over 24 years including youth ministry, mission work, and pastoring.  

Mike and Heather have been blessed with three sons:  Michael, Logan, and Thomas.  Heather homeschooled all of their children from K-12.  Michael is 23 years old and graduated in 2022 with honors from Carolina Bible College in Anderson, South Carolina. He is planning to work in youth ministry and some day desires to be a pastor. Logan is 21 years old and is pursuing a career in western Montana and is a faithful member of Florence Baptist Church. Thomas is 18 years old and is currently attending his freshman year at Carolina Bible College.

Our Home & Tool Trailer
Mike's Testimony

I was blessed to be raised in a Christian home and to attend a Christian school.  As a child there were several times when I prayed concerning salvation.  As a teen I struggled with my walk with the Lord and doubted my salvation regularly.  Right after graduating high school I went to be a counselor at a Christian camp.  While there, I was convicted again concerning my soul but after talking to another worker I decided that my doubts were related to sin in my life.  I re-dedicated my life to the Lord and went home to work in our youth group.  What began as a fill-in worker in the youth department turned into thirteen years as the youth pastor at Grace Bible Baptist Church in New Paris, Indiana.  In November 2009 we were hosting an annual youth conference at our church when, once again, I was convicted regarding salvation.  I began to pray and ask God to show me clearly whether I was lost or just weak in faith.  The Lord clearly showed me that I was lost, but I was so proud I was afraid to admit it.  It took several weeks of conviction before it hit me, if I didn’t humble myself and call on the Lord I was going to Hell, the same place that I had been warning countless others of for years.  That very thought gave me the courage to overcome my pride and on November 22, 2009, I called on the Lord to forgive my sin and to save my soul.

Heather's Testimony

When I was a little girl my parents took me to church.  The only things I remember from that time were John 3:16 and “Jesus Loves Me”, but I don’t recall anyone ever explaining to me what those words meant.  After our family moved to a new town I only remember going to church a handful of times with friends.  After my high school graduation, while working at a grocery store, I accepted an invitation from a co-worker to visit their church.  During the service I attended, the pastor spoke about salvation.  I remember being frustrated because I didn’t understand what “being saved” or “born-again” meant and I was embarrassed to admit it to anyone.  I remember the Pastor asking me if I was saved and, lying, I said ‘yes’, knowing without a doubt that I wasn’t.  I didn’t even know what he was talking about.  One thing I did know, though, was something was missing in my life.  I continued going to church and began reading God’s Word.  After a few weeks I finally understood what it meant to be born again.  It finally made sense to me, Jesus came and died to save ME from MY sins and that night I bowed my head and my heart and accepted Jesus Christ as my Saviour.

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