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Strengthening & Encouraging our Churches in America through Revitalization & Revival

Each year, all across our country, churches will permanently close their doors, leaving communities in darkness.  Our country cannot afford to lose any more Bible-believing, Gospel-preaching churches.  Please take some time to read more about OPEN DOOR Ministries and our plan of action to revitalize and revive America!

Mike and Heather Gross

"In December of 2014, I assumed the pastorate of a church that was in a state of decline. Over the next three and a half years we saw God do an amazing work in revitalizing our church. Throughout that time, the burden that was placed on my heart years earlier continued to grow. Although our church was healthy and growing, I knew there were many other churches that were on the verge of closing their doors for good. We began to pray about how we could be a part of saving some of those churches.  God answered that prayer in the Spring of 2018 when He called our family to start Open Door Ministries.  Our vision is to see churches flourishing again and to see the door remain open to reach people in our communities and around the world."  -Mike Gross

"Behold, I have set before thee an open door..."  Revelation 3:8